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Innovatics is a Finnish IT company that develops, sells and leases (ASP, SaaS) software for specific purposes. The software can be installed on the customer's own intranet or used as a cloud service.


InnoLIMS® is a laboratory information management system (LIMS), used by contract, service, research, environmental and production laboratories.  More...   

Our InnoLIMS customers include:

  • environmental laboratories
  • production laboratories
  • road material laboratories
  • structural analysis laboratories
  • biological and genetic laboratories
  • research centers
  • radiation laboratories
  • . . .


Oskari-OK-Net™ is a Shareholder Management System for private and public companies and cooperatives. It includes Shareholder register, Share register, Book-entry register, Option register, Insider register and Shareholders Meetings System. More...

Our Shareholder management customers include:

  • public companies
  • private companies
  • cooperatives
  • metal industry companies
  • energy companies
  • teleoperators
  • printing houses
  • carrier companies
  • . . .

We develop our products to offer new innovative solutions for our customers to enhance their competitiveness.

Feedback from our customers

”Many of my friends are green from envy when I tell them how our software supplier works.”

”The users were amazed with their mouths open by the printer when they got the first complete printout without doing practically anything (compared to the previous complicated messing around). Is it really this easy?
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