Insider registerer ILMO™

The insider register ILMO is a data system for public companies to fulfill the requirements of laws and regulations in EU for persons having access to a company's inside information. With ILMO your company can keep track of persons included in public insiders, the company's internal insiders and insiders in company projects containing inside information. Monitored insider information contains:

  • position in the company
  • persons closely associated
  • shares, options and other securities
  • controlled corporations
  • corporations where the insider has exercised influence
  • projects containing inside information

    All history data of insider information is accumulated in ILMO. Current insider data in the register can be sent to insiders for verification and updating purposes. ILMO contains required reports for authorities containing all insider information including history data. ILMO can make e-mail mailings for insiders using adhoc letters or make a Microsoft Word mail merge file that can be used for paper mailings or e-mail mailings.

    It is possible to extract insider information to Excel files for the European Securities and Markets Authorities.

    By using the internet module ILMO-www your company can show information of the public insiders on its website in different languages as required by the European laws and regulations.


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