InnoLIMS® - Expert IT Systems for Research, Production and Product Development

InnoLIMS® is an easy to use, flexible and versatile laboratory information management (LIMS), enterprise resource planning (ERP) and data gathering system.

It is made for research, product development, production and quality control in organizations of all sizes. InnoLIMS is a complete laboratory data handling system, developed by researchers, chemists, and engineers. It streamlines and enhances laboratory work. Complying with standards is easier and time is saved. InnoLIMS fulfills ISO, GMP, GLP and FDA requirements. It lifts your company's competitiveness to a new level by reducing costs and increasing the capacity of laboratory work.

The advantages of InnoLIMS:

  • efficient and quick service for internal and external customers
  • effortless sample management
  • smooth and well-documented project management
  • indexed electronic archives for various file types
  • versatile resource management and monitoring
  • easy delivery of client results in InnoLIMS Extranet
  • cost-efficiency
  • supports compliance of quality systems

The system includes.:

  • projects, samples and tasks and associated searchable electronic archives for attachment files
  • analysis reports
  • customer service tools for internal and external customers
  • analysis packages and template samples
  • lists of unfinished analyses and tasks by date, status, worker or other criteria
  • instrument interfaces
  • formulas and calculations
  • barcodes and labels
  • ad hoc sql queries and reports
  • basic information registers (customers, methods, instruments, persons, chemicals etc.)
  • orders, price lists and billing
  • work time management
  • complete audit trail

We offer different packages of InnoLIMS for working groups, departments and the whole companies of any size. The users can work in multiple locations anywhere in the world. InnoLIMS is suitable for many different uses as is and can be further modified to the customer's requirements. We can offer InnoLIMS for your own IT environment or as a cloud service, when you won't need your own servers or IT personnel.

Ensure your competitiveness - enhance your operation with the right tools - choose InnoLIMS®.

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