InnoLIMS® - User Interfaces

Different user preferences and flexible and user-friendly operation have been taken into account in the design of InnoLIMS features and user interfaces. The interfaces support different languages and terms. New languages and terms can be added without additional updates or programming.

Browser interface InnoLIMS www
With the browser interface InnoLIMS can be used effortlessly from anywhere via internet. English and Finnish language packages are included. An internet browser is all that is needed for the operation, so no installations to the user's computer are required. The browser interface works with Windows computers, Macs, Linux computers and mobile devices.


Browser interface for customers, InnoLIMS Extranet
With the InnoLIMS Extranet interface your customers can make analysis orders and see results from their own samples. The customer can pick the needed results from the database and manage them with their own programs, such as Microsoft Excel. The extranet interface works with Windows computers, Macs, Linux computers and mobile devices.


Workstation interface InnoLAB
The workstation interface is an efficient, Windows-based interface for all laboratory operation. All the benefits of Windows programs apply and cooperation with other programs, such as Microsoft Office, is seamless. Interfaces with measurement instruments and other programs are quick and easy to use.



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