Oskariā„¢ for cooperatives

Oskari has additional modules to help ownership management in cooperatives. These modules contain membership management, share capital management, adding of new membership shares and investment shares and withdrawing of shares and membership. There can be several classes of membership shares and investment shares.


Oskari contains basic information of members: name, address, e-mail, phone number, bank account, language, nationality, the start day of membership and the end day of membership, etc. A person can have member and investment shares without being a member and a member can have any number of shares or no shares. Oskari contains reports of current members, all members, members with start day between day A and B, and members with end day between day A and B. There is also a list of persons waiting for membership approval.

Membership capital and new member shares

Oskari keeps track of every share and its corresponding payment and day when it was payed. There are lists of share capital by share classes and total. Oskari can make an invoice for the payment of a new share. In case of share withdraw Oskari makes a SEPA file for bank to pay back the share capital for that person.  


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