Shareholder Register Oskari-OK™ for Companies using Book-entry Depository

The shareholder register Oskari-OK is for companies using a book-entry system. With Oskari-OK your company can gather all the share transactions from the book-entry depository and load them to the Oskari-OK shareholder register database. Once in the database, the data can be reported, analyzed, examined, queried and shown on internet. The data is always as up to date as the gathering frequency - usually daily. With Oskari-OK your company gets maximum benefit from the investment in a book-entry system.

Holdings of shares can be monitored daily. Oskari-OK contains tools for detecting possible cornerings. Your company can group shareholders in different "clans" and monitor the clans' share holdings. All registered daily share transfers can be listed. Shareholder queries including history queries are quick to make so it is easy to check out any shareholder information and share history.

Oskari-OK contains several reports, e.g. the list of shareholders, sector dispersion, holding dispersion, major shareholders and major clans. History data can be shown on some of the lists.

The lists can be taken to printers, to pdf files, to internet modules, to mailing lists etc.

The internet-module Oskari-OK-www™ contains internet components to show major shareholders, sector dispersion and holding dispersion, shares, share prices, share transfers, dividend data ando ther information in different languages on your company's website. This data can be updated daily.


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