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The insider register ILMO™ is a data system for public companies to fulfill the requirements of laws and regulations in EU that requires people to have access to a company's inside information.

With the help of ILMO™ your company can keep track of people included in public insiders, the company's internal insiders and insiders in company projects containing inside information.

  • Monitored insider information contains::

  • position in the company
  • closely associated people
  • shares, options and other securities
  • controlled corporations
  • corporations where the insider has exercised influence
  • projects containing inside information

All history and data of insider information is collected in ILMO™. Current insider data in the register can be sent to insiders for verification and updating purposes. ILMO™ contains required reports for authorities, including all insider information, e.g. history data.

ILMO can create e-mail postings for insiders using adhoc letters, or generate a Microsoft Word mail merge file that can be used for paper mailings or e-mail mailings.

It is possible to extract insider information to Excel files for the European Securities and Markets Authorities.

By using the internet module ILMO-www your company can show information of the public insiders on its website in different languages as required by the European laws and regulations.